Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ken Burns' "The War"

With "The War," Ken Burns wanted to tell the story of World War II through the eyes of soldiers and their families from four American towns.

Reuters reports the premiere of Ken Burns' new documentary series "The War" brought in 7.3 million viewers Sunday night, PBS said.

"We met a guy from Laverne, Minnesota... whose first day of work was June 6, 1944... for the next 10 months, he dealt out death, nearly lost his own life... lost good friends, who still haunt his dreams every single night, who came close to despair... because we're not distracted by other stuff that gets in the way, you sort of feel like the experience that they had, you're having - we put you, because of our research, with the still photographic and newsreel research that we've done - sort of in the midst of 20 or 30 battles, that I think you experience uncomfortably."
The PBS Web site for The War.

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