Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend Media Trots Out Dubious Heroes, Phony Patriots

For the weekend news cycle, the New York Times runs a story bashing the U.S. efforts in Iraq featuring statements made by Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, who retired in 2006 after being replaced because of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.

Sanchez claims, “After more than four years of fighting, America continues its desperate struggle in Iraq without any concerted effort to devise a strategy that will achieve victory in that war-torn country or in the greater conflict against extremism.”

Though he was cleared of wrongdoing in the abuses after an inquiry by the Army’s inspector general, General Sanchez himself became a symbol, reports the Times, of ineffective American leadership early in the occupation.

The Associated Press
picked up the story featuring Sanchez but purposely downplayed his credibility problems.

Not about to be upstaged by the Times, The Washington Post runs a story by their own phony patriot, a former Qwest Communications International executive convicted in April of 19 counts of insider trading, who now claims that the government withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars after Qwest refused to participate in an unidentified National Security Agency program.

Fortunately for the truth, not many folks pay attention to crappy written news stories over the weekend. Sadly, these headlines will stick around for 48 hours because the weekend interns don't know any better.

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