Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama: Whaa, Don't Call Me What I Am (Again)

Further proof that liberals cannot afford to show their true nature is in abundance in Democrat Barack Obama's recent whining spat about being named for what he is. This time, it's not that inconvenient "Hussein" part of his name we find him whining about, nor is he simply complaining about having to explain his close relationship with some rather racist preacher. Nah, once again Obama is crying because he is being labeled a "liberal."

Damn Barry, you are so far left of center you should be proud to be named for what you are.

I'm sure that if Obama's white grandma was able to climb out from under that racial bus she is being dragged asunder she may have something to say about her grandson's rasin'.

Then again, if liberals tell you who they really are during elections, it simply means liberals don't stand a chance of being elected.

From the International Herald Tribune.



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