Monday, November 3, 2008

Paper: Revenge of the Left Across the World

Whatever the exact result of the US elections tomorrow, we must assume that the whole governing machinery of Washington and the state capitols will soon be hostile to laissez-faire thinking.
Writing in the UK Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard observes it is not just that the Democrats will win a crushing victory in both houses of Congress, perhaps reaching the 60-seat Senate threshold that lets them steam-roll legislation. It is also that the incoming class of 2008 is of a new creed. Many no longer believe -- or actively reject -- the free trade and free market catechisms.
As [DailyKos founder] Markos Moulitsas put it in Newsweek: "The big question is, will Democrats nationwide simply 'win' the night–or will they deliver an electoral drubbing so thorough that it signals the utter rejection of conservative ideology and kills the notion that America is a 'center-right' country?" he said.
While the many of the premises in the article are clearly wrong, the message is clear: take your pick, worldwide socialism or WWIII is on the brink.

Read it.

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