Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Marks Historic Larget-Ever Gathering of Portable Toilets in DC

Writing in the Washington Post, Steve Hendrix notes, "Never in the annals of the nation have so many porta-potties gathered for so much common good. Or rather, common need."
By Tuesday's presidential inauguration, a nearly unbroken Great Wall of Privies will have formed between Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial. And with orders coming in daily from Union Station and other downtown locales, Conrad Harrell thinks the total inaugural Toilet Tally could top 7,000. That's a one-day bathroom capacity of nearly half a million gallons, an epic of septic.

"There was an event in Germany where they installed 8,000 for a visit by the pope, but there's never been anything like this in this country," said Harrell, vice president of Chantilly-based Don's Johns. "We feel like we're part of history."
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