Saturday, February 28, 2009

AP: Obama Seeks to Destroy Reagan's Vision

Without pulling punches or attempting to obfuscate the truth, the Associated Press Saturday said what conservatives and Republicans have been saying for the past two years about the new president: Barack Obama, with his new budget plan, seeks "to undo major elements of Ronald Reagan's conservative movement."
While tackling the economic crisis, [Obama] is asking Congress to enact contentious measures that have been debated, but not decided, in calmer times: combat global warming with a pollution tax on industries; cut subsidies for big farms; raise taxes on the wealthy; make big changes to health care, including lower reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid treatments and prescription drugs.
AP said Obama is not simply proposing a budget with a jaw-dropping deficit of $1.75 trillion, a quadruple increase in one year. "He's trying to redirect strong currents in American society."

Many conservatives have warned that Obama says one thing while doing something altogether different.

Today, even the Associated Press sees that Obama, who attempts to paint himself as a new Reagan, is setting out to destroy Reagan's ideals and the conservative movement.

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