Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where Pundits Get it Wrong on GOP Candiates

Headline, The Politico:

Evangelicals turn on Thompson
Fred Thompson is failing to meet expectations that he would rally widespread support from Christian conservatives, and he almost certainly will not receive a joint endorsement from the loose coalition of "pro-family" organizations, according to leaders of the movement.
Here's the thing, Republican presidential candidates don't really have to concern themselves with punditry nitpicks about their moral platforms.

This is not to ignore the fact that the main difference between the GOP and the DNC is that Republicans actually have morals and Democrats do not. When Republicans fails to live up to their code, they are branded as hypocrites. When Democrats fail to live down their code, they are branded as acting like Republicans.

It is, in the end, simply this: attempts to show a GOP divide are mostly moot when the Democrat candidate is Hillary and a whole slew of Americans will probably vote for a Republican, nay any Republican, just so they won't have to endure four more years of Clinton foolishness.



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