Thursday, October 18, 2007

Iraq: Where Good News is No News

Charlie Gibson on ABC's World News Tonight recently reported the good news out of Iraq like this:
"One item from Baghdad today. The news is ... that there is no news. The police told us that, to their knowledge, there were no major acts of violence. Attacks are down in Baghdad and today no bombings or roadside explosions were reported."
And there it is, the mainstream media's template -- its fundamental, liberal bias -- exposed in its most basic form for all to see: good news about Iraq will simply not be reported.

The news that there is no violence in Iraq is HUGE news. However, the reporting template is all about burning cars; exploding IEDs; dead people in the streets; mangled children; crying mothers; blasted vehicles and buildings. But none of that happened today so Charlie Gibson tells us it's not news.

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