Thursday, November 1, 2007

Debating Clinton: A Skunk's Stripe Exposed

The Hill reports Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) top advisers, doing damage control after the candidate’s debate performance Tuesday, told supporters on a conference call Wednesday that the campaign needed more money to fight back.

However, all the uproar concerning the debate exposes what Hillary's supporters truly feel: Hillary, like a flawed, and simple-minded liberal program, assumes entitlement over achievement.

However, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said what everybody now thinks of Hillary Clinton:
“Twelve hours after the debate ended, the American people are still waiting for an answer on Sen. Clinton’s position … She didn’t answer the question in the debate and her campaign couldn’t answer it afterwards.”
However, one typically tolerant liberal, responding to how the debate was handled by Tim Russert, debate moderator and host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” said Russert “should be shot,” before quickly adding that she shouldn’t say that on a conference call.

Clinton also drew fire throughout the day from the Republican National Committee, which sent around a compilation of negative press releases from state Republican parties in Texas, Florida, Georgia and California.

Two conservative bloggers filed a complaint with the FEC charging that Clinton had engaged in questionable, and possibly illegal, fundraising practices.

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