Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yesterday's Election: Lib Setbacks Trump Small Dem Advances

Who do they take us for, anyway?

While the little boneheads over at wet rags such as The Washington Post and The Politico slobber over the small gains made by Democrats in the Virgina state senate and Kentucky governorship as portents of things to come, the hacks conveniently ignore the cold truth: this go-around liberalism failed.

The Guardian
reports that Utah voters on Tuesday killed the nation's first statewide school voucher program that promised tax dollars for private tuition, no matter how much a family earned or whether kids were in bad schools.

- New Jersey voters rejected the state's plan to borrow $450 million over 10 years to finance embryonic stem cell research.

Other liberal ballot measures failed under the weight of conservative votes:

- In Oregon, residents decided against hiking the cigarette tax to pay for a new kids health care program. Voters opted not to raise the cigarette tax by 84.5 cents a pack - to $2.02 - to fund health insurance for about 100,000 children now lacking insurance coverage but covered by existing state and federal programs.

- Voters in the northeast Ohio city of Streetsboro, where a 19-year-old fell short of reaching a runoff in the mayoral primary last May, raised the legal age to run for mayor or council from 18 to 23.

- Voters in 16 North Carolina counties soundly rejected a proposed land transfer tax in Tuesday's election, a big victory for home ownership and housing affordability.

- In Denver, voters were asked whether to make the private use and possession of marijuana the city's lowest law enforcement priority. Elected officials and police said it would have little effect since state and federal law supersede local law decriminalizing the drug.

In 2005, Denver passed an initiative making possession of small amounts of marijuana legal. It's had little effect. Police and prosecutors continue to follow state law, which marijuana proponents tried but failed to change through a vote last year.

- Residents of Hailey, Idaho, a former mining town with about 3,500 registered voters, approved three measures to legalize medical marijuana, make enforcement of marijuana laws the lowest police priority, and legalize industrial hemp. They rejected an initiative that would have legalized marijuana and required the city to regulate sales.

- The Passamaquoddy Indians were asking approval to operate a racetrack casino with up to 1,500 slot machines in the town of Calais, Maine, where downturns in the seafood and paper industries have made the economy the worst in the state. The question trailed slightly with about three-quarters of precincts reporting.

- Mississippi: Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.), admired for (if not reported about) his handling of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, overwhelmingly wins reelection, 58-42 percent over attorney, Democrat John Eaves.

If pundits are looking for a message for `08 in this election, the message is liberal tax plans on the ballot will FAIL.

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