Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Happens When Obama's Candidacy Fails?

Writing at The American Thinker, Marc Sheppard asks rather than relieving racial tensions, might an Obama candidacy instead intensify them?

When Obama's unprecedented coronation didn't materialize after for the New Hampshire primary, familiar allegations of possible racial bias did. This was only the first of many primaries and the failure of the only black candidate to emerge victorious already has elicited cries of foul. Ironically, while liberal guilt has historically been both the enabler of minority entitlement and exonerator of its many abuses, the accused bigots in this case were Democrats.
There lies untold danger in a citizenry that stoops to purely race-inspired voting. What's more, the divisions such behavior invariably sustains will themselves invariably breed suspicion. Will each Obama loss demand magnified investigation and explanation? Are Americans eternally to be assumed racists until proven otherwise?

What's more, should Obama prevail in the primaries, just what might we expect were he to lose the general election, particularly in a squeaker?

Creeping Liberalism has created a world wherein many believe that the only possible explanation for me not liking my black neighbor is surely the color of his skin, regardless of his measure as a man.

Given the spontaneous distrust already in evidence, might the true Obama believers and racial ambulance chasers witness his defeat any more rationally?

Considering the year-long cries of racial disenfranchisement we heard when even a minority-favored white candidate lost in the past two outings, it's better he loses to Hillary.

Perhaps the bad-blood his defeat would generate might even chip away at that black monolithic block the Democrats have so come to depend on.
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