Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voters Reject Country Club, Big Government Republicanism

Conservationism wins every time it is tried....
"Voters did not reject conservatism," Richard A. Viguerie, the Chairman of, said. "They rejected Big Government Republicanism in all its forms, including the Bush administration and the Republican leadership in Congress."

The McCain campaign, Viguerie said, "represented many things Americans do not like about politics. Senator McCain spent more than a quarter-century in Washington as a 'moderate' and 'insider,' and his campaign was run by longtime Washington insiders and lobbyists for Big Government."

"This disastrous defeat can and will be laid at the feet of the Big Government corporate Republicans, who abandoned the Reagan Coalition, massively expanded government, and ignored the needs and values of regular, grassroots Americans. They protected Wall Street and K Street and forgot about Main Street."

Said Viguerie: "Republicans will make a comeback only after they return to their conservative roots. That process starts with the replacement, with principled conservatives, of all of the Republicans' elected Congressional leaders, as well as most members of the Republican National Committee and most state party officials. It's time for new leaders, from top to bottom."

"The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party," Viguerie said, "begins now."



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