Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's Office of the President Elect? Not Really

After weeks of putting up with all the foolishness coming from Obama (and his camp), and the documented ignorance of those voters who supported him, it is certain that by now we have no reason to offer any of them a pass for their failure to learn junior high civics.

In the case of Obama's office of the president elect, not unlike the man himself, it is an empty, meaningless shell. Here are the simple, indisputable facts (look `em up):
  • Despite the screaming chicken on the royal blue podium placard, there is, and has never been, an official office of the president elect.

  • Obma has not, and will not become the President Elect until December 15, when the U.S. Electoral College meets and votes, if too, all the pledged electors vote for Obama.

  • Obama resigned his Senate seat November 15 and that, as of this writing, makes him nothing more than a private citizen.



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