Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama White House's Missing Documents (Already)

Late Tuesday, Josh Gerstein of the Politico reported, in his first weeks in office, President Barack Obama shut down his predecessor’s system for reviewing regulations, realigned and expanded two key White House policymaking bodies and extended economic sanctions against parties to the conflict in the African nation of Cote D’Ivoire.
Despite the intense scrutiny a president gets just after the inauguration, Obama managed to take all these actions with nary a mention from the White House press corps.

The moves escaped notice because they were never announced by the White House Press Office and were never placed on the White House web site.
The moves came to light only because the official paperwork was transmitted to the Federal Register, a dense daily compendium of regulatory actions and other formal notices prepared by the National Archives. They were published there several days after the fact.
A Politico review of Federal Register issuances since Obama took office found three executive orders, one presidential memorandum, one presidential notice, and one proclamation that went unannounced by the White House.

Two of Obama actions on regulatory reform were spotted by bloggers, lobbying groups and trade publications after they emerged in the Federal Register.

There was no apparent rhyme or reason to the omissions. A proclamation Obama issued on February 2 for African-American History Month was e-mailed to the press and posted on the White House web site. But another presidential proclamation the same day for American Heart Month slipped by.

Such notices were routinely released by the White House press office during prior administrations — making their omission all the more unusual given Obama’s oft-repeated pledges of openness.
One conservative commentator recently remarked that Obama's "statements have an expiration date." This is obviously the case when it comes to the president's expired campaign promises of transparency and openness.


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Anonymous nemov said...

The campaign is over and the promises are old news. I won't hold my breath waiting for the press to seriously cover this hypocrisy and the liberals who whined about the Bush administration for eight years are too enamored with Obama to feel anything beside joy.

8:59 PM  

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