Monday, March 2, 2009

Baghdad Bob Gibbs: Nobody Attacked Bush on Iraq

The White House has as of late shown a willful foolishness to invoke the name of radio host Rush Limbaugh whenever challenged.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters on Monday to ask Republicans if they agree with Limbaugh's desire for Obama's economic policies to fail.
"Do they want to see the president's economic agenda fail? You know, I bet there are a number of guests on television throughout the day and maybe into tomorrow who could let America know whether they agree with what Rush Limbaugh said this weekend."

"I can only imagine what might have been said a few years ago if somebody might have said that on the other side relating to what was going on in this country or our
endeavors overseas," Gibbs said.
The last part of Gibbs quote speaks for itself.

As I recall, EVERYONE on the other side attacked Bush on his handling of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not only did they attack Bush, they said the war was lost, accused U.S. troops of terrorism, and called General David Petraeus a liar.

Democrats did everything in their power to derail the war effort at home so Bush would fail.

So, in honor of the real Baghdad Bob, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, here are some other audaciously hopeful quotes:

After U.S. Troops Penetrated Central Baghdad:

April 5, 2003
"Nobody came here. Those America losers, I think their repeated frequent lies are bringing them down very rapidly.... Baghdad is secure, is safe."

April 7, 2003
"The Americans are not there. They're not in Baghdad. There are no troops there. Never. They're not at all."

On April 8, 2003, Baghdad Bob disappeared, perhaps forever. On the other hand, perhaps he recently returned as press secretary for a new American president and will eventually find work as a reporter for CNN or MSNBC.



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