Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Late Show's David 'Loserman' Attacks Sarah Palin's 'Slutty Flight Attendant Look'

Seven months after Election Day, and the attacks on Sarah Palin continue.

On Monday, CBS's David Letterman on the "Late Show" attacked the Alaska governor and her family during his opening monologue, as well as in his "Top Ten" list.

Readers are advised to proceed with caution as some of the content might be perceived as highly-offensive.

Top Ten Highlights Of Sarah Palin's Trip To New York

10. Visited New York landmarks she normally only sees from Alaska

9. Laughed at all the crazy-looking foreigners entering the U.N.

8. Made moose jerky on Rachael Ray

7. Keyed Tina Fey's car

6. After a wink and a nod, ended up with a kilo of crack

5. Made coat out of New York City rat pelts

4. Sat in for Kelly Ripa. Regis couldn't tell the difference.

3. Finally met one of those Jewish people Mel Gibson's always talking about

2. Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant" look

1. Especially enjoyed not appearing on Letterman



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