Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hillary Clinton Is Not the New Old Al Gore

Writing in the New York Times, loony lefty columnist Frank Rich attempts to remind the Democrats, when considering the presumptive Hillary presidency, there's no such thing as a "sure thing."

In his efforts to convince, of course he slimes Republicans, mis-characterizes the Iraq war and beats on President Bush. But that's the norm and not the point.

No matter how hard Rich squints to see the light, he is still looking through a cup of liberal Kool-Aid ... and that's the problem with his analysis. This isn't anything new, however. I'm reminded of the 04' presidential election when the Democrats thought John Kerry should have had won based on only their own internal polls -- so much for the actual votes; so much for reality.

The reason Hillary is not a sure thing is because she is Hillary Clinton: she is the most polarizing figure currently in American politics.

When you think about it, Republicans actually have it pretty easy for 08'; the only platform they really need to run on is embodied in the presumptive Democrat candidate herself.



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