Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008: Winners and Losers

Winner: Barack Obama and the politics of cash, smoke and mirrors, and the left's co-opting of the Democrat party.

Loser: John McCain and the politics of liberalism-light.

Winner: Traditional conservatism, proving once and for all that it doesn't pay to reach across to liberals.

Loser: The mainstream media, for unabashedly showing their lack of objectivity and trustworthiness. Big media in 2008 abdicated their role as America's Fourth Estate to the alternative media.

To win, Obama took only a few votes more than Bush in 2004. The election, unlike how it will be reported, is not a liberal mandate. Instead, it is a conservative mandate; it is a message to country-club, elite Republicans that they must return to the politics of Reagan.



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