Saturday, January 26, 2008

The 'Simple' Economic Stimulus Package

President Bush appealed on Saturday for quick congressional action on an economic rescue initiative.

The White House and House leaders of both parties reached an election-year agreement on a simple money-toss stimulus program, which would redistribute federal funds to 117 million families and give businesses $50 billion in capped tax write-offs.

When has simply throwing money at a problem ever solved anything?

Here is a better and faster acting 'simple' economic stimulus package:

- Simply drill for more oil (including the domestic reserves that remain unexplored due to environmental regulations) and provide incentives to build new refineries in order to lower energy costs.

- Simply cut property taxes to in order lower housing costs.

- Simply cut corporate taxes in order to create more jobs.

- Simply cut government spending in order to reduce inflation.

How simple can it be?

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