Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama Condemns Russian Invasion of Georgia, Vows to Protect Atlanta

It's just a headline. Georgia: one of the 57 States of America.

UPDATE: While I was only poking fun at Obama, it seems another Democrat who wants to join Barry in the U.S. Senate actually thinks Russia invaded the Peach State!

According to The Politico, Oregon Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Merkley was stumped last Saturday when a reporter asked his opinion about “what was going on in Georgia” at a campaign stop.

“I haven’t heard what’s going on in Georgia,” Merkley said. When asked about the strategic implications of the situation, he asked the reporter to “fill me in on what’s happening in Georgia.”

When the reporter finally explained that the Russians had invaded the Georgian province of South Ossetia, Merkley finally got a hint.

“The country of Georgia!” Merkley exclaims amid laughter. “I was thinking Atlanta, Jimmy Carter...."

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