Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Staffers Pull Their Illegal Ohio Ballots

The New York Post today reported that 13 campaign workers for Barack Obama yesterday yanked their voter registrations and ballots in Ohio after being warned by a prosecutor that temporary residents can't vote in the battleground state.
A dozen staffers - including Obama Ohio spokeswoman Olivia Alair and James Cadogan, who recently joined Team Obama - signed a form letter asking the Franklin County elections board to pull their names from the rolls.

The letter - a copy of which was obtained by, a Fox News affiliate - came a day after prosecutor Ron O'Brien publicly urged out-of-state campaign workers for both Obama and John McCain to "examine your conscience" before the elections board beings begins opening absentee ballots today.

Earlier in the week, O'Brien spoke with lawyers for both camps and urged them to make sure their staffs met permanent-residency rules, or face possible felony charges.

Also pulling his ballot yesterday was Hofstra University grad Jake Smith, an Obama volunteer who had voted in Knox County, Ohio.

On Thursday, O'Brien cut a deal with 13 out-of-staters, including four from New York, who tossed out their already-cast ballots and admitted they didn't meet residency requirements.

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The Obama Con

A candidate who spends two decades promoting polarization and then runs as a healer and uniter, rather than a divider, forfeits all trust by that fact alone.
Writing today in National Review, African-American author Thomas Sowell says, "Although Senator Barack Obama has been allied with a succession of far-Left individuals over the years, that is only half the story. There are, after all, some honest and decent people on the Left. But these have not been the ones that Obama has been allied with — allied, not merely “associated” with.

ACORN is not just an organization on the left. In addition to the voter frauds that ACORN has been involved in over the years, it is an organization with a history of thuggery, including going to bankers’ homes to harass them and their families, in order to force banks to lend to people with low credit ratings."
Nor was Barack Obama’s relationship with ACORN just a matter of once being their attorney long ago. More recently, he has directed hundreds of thousands of dollars their way. Money talks — and what it says is more important than a politician’s rhetoric in an election year.

Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger are not just people with left-wing opinions. They are reckless demagogues preaching hatred of the lowest sort — and both are recipients of money from Obama.

Bill Ayers is not just “an education professor” who has some left-wing views. He is a confessed and unrepentant terrorist, who more recently has put his message of resentment into the schools — an effort using money from a foundation that Obama headed.

Nor has the help all been one way. During the last debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, Senator McCain mentioned that Sen. Obama’s political campaign began in Bill Ayers’s home. Obama immediately denied it and McCain had no real follow-up.

It was not this year’s political campaign that Obama began in Bill Ayers’s home but an earlier campaign for the Illinois state legislature. Barack Obama can match Bill Clinton in slickness at parsing words to evade accusations.
Sowell concludes if Barack Obama had run as what he has always been, rather than as what he has never been, then we could simply cast our votes based on whether or not we agree with what he has always stood for.
Some people who see the fraud in what Obama is saying are amazed that others do not. But Obama knows what con men have long known, that their job is not to convince skeptics but to enable the gullible to continue to believe what they want to believe. He does that very well.
Read it.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

1995 Obama Race-Baiting Interview: Who Came 1st, Wright or Obama?


After watching this video, you may start to wonder who came first: Wright or Obama?

Unlike what we have been told about Obama, the candidate in 1995 appears to be a fully formed radical who actually went to Chicago to seek out radical affiliations who subscribed to the same ideology and theology.

Obama admits redistribution of wealth is to save the African American community so he can ensure his own salvation. He compares the plight of African Americas to the ethic genocide's of Bosnia and Africa. He blames all of African American problems on "one group" who suppresses them.

Obama says white people don't want their taxes to help black children.

"White folks' greed runs a world in need."

My question to Obama is this: Just how do you build economies from the bottom up when THE BOTTOM DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO GROW?

The answer has to be socialism.

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WND: Newspaper Shows Obama Member of Socialist Party

Writing in WND, Aaron Klein says evidence has emerged that Sen. Barack Obama belonged to a socialist political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

It has been widely documented that in 1996 as a Democrat, Obama actively sought and received the endorsement of the socialist-oriented New Party, with some blogs claiming Obama was a member of the controversial party.
The New Party, formed by members of the Democratic Socialists for America and leaders of an offshoot of the Community Party USA, was an electoral alliance that worked alongside the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The New Party's aim was to help elect politicians to office who espouse its policies.

Among New Party members was linguist and radical activist Noam Chomsky.

Obama's campaign has responded to the allegations, denying the presidential candidate was ever a member of the New Party.

New Ground, the newsletter of Chicago's Democratic Socialists for America (DSA), reported in its July/August 1996 edition that Obama attended a New Party membership meeting April 11, 1996, in which he expressed his gratitude for the group's support and "encouraged NPers (New Party members) to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration."
According to recently discovered DSA documents, the New Party worked with ACORN to promote its candidates. ACORN, convicted in massive, nationwide voter fraud cases, has been a point of controversy for Obama over the presidential candidate's ties to the group.
"Like most organizations, ACORN is a mixed bag. On one hand, in Chicago, ACORN is a group that attempts to organize some of the most depressed communities in the city. Chicago organizers for ACORN and organizers for SEIU Local 880 have been given modest monthly recruitment quotas for new New Party members. On the other hand, like most groups that depend on canvassing for fundraising, it's easy enough to find burned out and disgruntled former employees. And ACORN has not had the reputation for being interested in coalition politics – until recently and, happily, not just within the New Party."
Read it.


Video: Obama Doesn't Regret 'Spread the Wealth' Comment


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video: John McCain, Prisoner of War


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The October Surprise


Someone with the unlikely name of Molotov Mitchell has produced a 10 minute and 52 second video that could well change the terms of the election -- if enough people watch it. Illuminati Productions has posted it to YouTube. They have provided the voting public a very professionally and engagingly done video generation equivalent of a long detailed article in a place like American Thinker.

It makes accessible to the general public some of the serious questions about Obama's citizenship status that have been vetted almost exclusively in the conservative web world. You can't get most voters to focus on print media in order to entertain a series of hard questions on what seems like a far-fetched notion. Especially those voters who rely on the Big Media. They figure that if this were true, they would have heard about it from the old familiar faces.

But you can get people to watch 11 minutes of interesting video raising a slew of questions for Obama, in fact cornering him, on the question of his birth, citizenship, and eligibility for office as POTUS under the Constitution. Especially if people start talking about the video. It's called viral distribution. A friend emails an Obama-supporting friend and dares him or her to watch.

A lifelong Democrat who has held political office and been a committeeman, Philip Berg, has brought suit over the real questions raised by the absence of a valid Obama birth certificate. His narrative of the various questions Obama has refused to answer is devastating. Graphics and sound are well-deployed to avoid tedium as factual data is conveyed in a way that allows viewers to absorb it. When he contrasts Obama's behavior when challenged (use perfectly valid legal technicalities to delay) with John McCain's full disclosure of all documentary evidence under a similar challenge (remember the flap over his birth in the Panama Canal Zone? -- who raised those questions, anyway?), there is no doubt in a viewer's mind that there is something seriously wrong here.

We are talking about the Presidency and this guy stonewalls?

The only way Obama can satisfactorily resposnd is to release his supossed Hawaiian birth certificate. If he has it, why hasn't he released it? If he does release it, game over. So why drage this out on technical grounds? It doesn't make sense.

If this video gets widely viewed and discussed, Obama's support will crumble in the face of continued stonewalling.

I am grateful for the efforts of the people who put this op together. It is brilliantly timed. I do know that there are one or more smart Democrats who haven't forgiven Obama and who don't want to see him elected. They know how to design and implement really effective plans to get things done.

They might even want to get Obama thrown off the ballot and replaced by the second place finisher before Election Day. Or, if the Democratic Party stonewalls and the court delays, pick up the pieces.

Watch it and see what you think.

Update: All the filings to date in the court action of Philip Berg are available here.

Update: Berg may or may not be correct in the factual assertions claimed in this video and, more importantly, in his court filings. Determining the factual basis is the responsibility of the court, based on filings provided by both parties. I have no way of knowing whether Berg is a kook on this issue or not.

The important point is that the Obama campaign has not chosen to confront Berg's claims in a straightforward manner. That is a fact. Posting two different electronic images of an alleged birth certificate does not carry weight in court. Nor do the opinions of organizations like or The only version of a birth certificate that would matter is one submitted to court and attested to as valid, under penalty of perjury, and subject to forensic examination.

It may be the case that Berg is completely wrong. If so, the Obama campaign could have submitted documentation to the court quashing this case. Instead, it has chosen to engage in a legal strategy of delay. Why would they do this if Obama's documentation were in order? Why would they only provide electronic (so far as I know) copies to friendly sources? Perhaps someone can explain that satisfactorily, but I cannot.

(Story and updates by Thomas Lifson, American Thinker Blog.)


She Made it Up!

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face!"
-- Barack Obama, September 17, 2008 (link)


Monday, October 20, 2008

Video: Obama's Chicago



Video: Wright and Wrong



Video: The Obama Ayers Connection


The Obama/ACORN Primer

"A People's Organization is dedicated to an eternal war...A war is not an intellectual debate, and in the war against social evils there are no rules of fair play."
-- Saul Alinsky; Reveille for Radicals; p. 133
Writing in the American Thinker, Kyle-Anne Shiver asks of the above sentiment shared by none other than presidential hopeful Barack Obama, "Rules? What rules? Laws? What laws? Clearly, Alinsky's acolytes take him at his word. When one is fighting a war "against social evils," one is above the law. Rules and laws are for the other people."
For the past eight years, Americans have been bombarded nearly nonstop by cries of "Bush stole the White House," without a single proven shred of evidence, without a single indictment or conviction of Republicans on vote fraud, vote rigging or anything even close. Meanwhile the only group indicated and convicted in actual vote fraud cases in the last two elections -- ACORN -- is fully mobilized still, claims to have registered 1.3 million new voters this year, and is tied historically and inextricably to our front-running candidate for President, Barack Obama.
The truth of the matter is that here we are two weeks out from what may very well be an actual, stolen presidential election.
ACORN pledged to spend $35 million this year in voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives. The bulk of this money has been targeted at the most important battleground states of the past 2 elections. And as the National Black Republican Association proclaims, ACORN's motto is: "Let Every Fraudulent Vote Count!" Indeed the ACORN strategy apparently rests on Mickey Mouse & company voting early, often and everywhere.

Should legal, registered, qualified voters be concerned that their votes will be negated by fraudulent votes? Yes, we all should be.

Now that nvestigations are ongoing in about a dozen states, Obama has requested that everything be turned over to a special prosecutor. Obama wants not just any special prosecutor either. Obama wants all of the ACORN investigations lumped into the ongoing, Democrat-launched probe into Justice Dept. attorney firings in the Bush Administration.
The bottom line here is simple. Obama and the Democrats are attempting to frame every investigation into voter fraud, vote rigging and vote buying from the past 2 elections, as well as this one, as purely political. According to Obama and the Democrats in control of Congress, none of this ACORN fraud ever happened. The attorneys were fired because they refused to investigate ACORN and the Democrats say that was political. Obama claims that all investigations now being mounted by states and the FBI are intended to suppress voter turnout, and are politically motivated.
Investigations ongoing in about a dozen states indicate widespread and systemic fraud. The FBI is currently probing these allegations, most of them involving ACORN, the group that proudly operates Camp Obama and who trains its membership in militant tactics taken from the Alinsky "rule book" that specifically instructs organizers to disobey the law.

According to the comprehensive research published by Heidi J. Swarts in her book, Organizing Urban America: Secular and Faith-Based Progressive Movements (University of Minnesota Press), ACORN differs significantly from the kinds of organizations that have any charitable motives whatsoever. The organization has no interest in good deeds, nor organizing any sort of programs that do not entail political/government solutions to all social problems.

In addition, writes Swarts, ACORN set itself apart from all other socially motivated progressive initiatives with its "strategic innovations," involving "national campaigns...which are quickly disseminated through one centralized organization" to its 1,200 nationwide offices in more than 35 states. Even though ACORN had visions of national political campaigns since its inception in 1970, the group was until the 1980s more interested in keeping its own prominence as the "only truly radical community organization" than in moving towards unity with other progressive movements for "change."

When Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, ACORN leader Wade Ratke decided to widen his scope and seek the cooperation of other groups. And his decision has paid off. Swarts writes that "since the 1990s, but particularly since 2000, ACORN has demonstrated far greater openness to building alliances, not only with labor unions and the Church-based community organizations but with a wide range of advocacy groups."

These massive numbers of community organizers working in cohesive concert, especially since 2000, have made their national campaigns for "change" possible. And what do these groups seek? Power for low- and moderate-income Americans. They see mass mobilization as their fundamental source of power. They intend to use that power, not only to "spread the wealth around," as Obama states, but also to fundamentally change taxpayers into hog-tied guarantors to their manifesto's demands.

And it would seem now that ACORN & company stand at the threshold of having one of their very own in the White House. Barack Obama did promise ACORN in 2007 that he would make their representatives part of his transition team to the Presidency and from there they would together map the "change" they intend to bring posthaste.

One thing, I believe, is certain. The minute Barack Obama is sworn in as the Chief law enforcement officer in America, the FBI will no longer be investigating ACORN. Neither will the Justice Department.

And I doubt there will be a mainstream media outlet in the Country who will dare to call Obama's use of federal agencies "political." In fact, they probably will not even bother to report on any of it. They'll be far too busy singing the praises of our new Community Organizer in Chief.

Welcome to the Revolution. Hail Obama.
Read it.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

AIM: Al-Jazeera for Obama

Writing for the Accuracy In Media (AIM) Web site, Cliff Kincaid notes that Colin Powell’s predicted and expected endorsement of Barack Obama was transformed into big news by the pro-Obama media. But Arab propaganda channel Al-Jazeera’s intervention in the U.S. presidential contest is also extremely significant. Al-Jazeera, a mouthpiece for enemies of the United States, aired a Moammar Gadhafi speech praising Obama and followed with a story depicting supporters of Sarah Palin as white racist Christians. The channel is subsidized by the oil-rich Sunni Muslim plutocracy/dictatorship in Qatar.
The Al-Jazeera “reporter” who did the hit piece on Palin was Casey Kaufmann, who surfaces in Federal Election Commission (FEC) records as a $500 contributor to the Obama-for-president campaign and is based in Doha, Qatar.
Kincaid concludes that Al-Jazeera has the right to produce trash and distribute it around the world. But the Kaufmann “report” will serve as another reason why major U.S. cable and satellite providers should have second thoughts about putting this propaganda on the air on a regular basis.

Read it.

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