Friday, July 3, 2009

Job Loses in Post WWII Recessions

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This graph shows the job losses from the start of the employment recession, in percentage terms (as opposed to the number of jobs lost).

The current recession is now the 2nd worst recession since WWII in percentage terms -- and also in terms of the unemployment rate (only early '80s recession was worse).

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chart: The Obama Stimulus Jobs Growth Plan

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Obama Popularity Polls: Jobless Rate Rises to 9.5%, 26 Year High

Employers cut a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs in June, driving the unemployment rate up to a 26-year high of 9.5 percent, up from 9.4 percent last month.

Incredibly, mainstream media outlets continue to paint the downward trend as a sign the problems with the economy are easing.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Stimulus? US Sheds 473,000 More Jobs, Exceeding Predictions

Private-sector jobs in the U.S. fell 473,000 in June, according to a national employment report published Wednesday by payroll giant Automatic Data Processing Inc. and consultancy Macroeconomic Advisers, according to a Wall Street Journal report published today.

The expected loss exceeds the 400,000 drop forecast by economists in a Dow Jones Newswires survey and suggests that layoffs may be worsening.

How will the mainstream media spin this news?

The press is trying to get you to believe this is GOOD NEWS because ONLY 473,000 jobs were lost.

It's interesting at this point to note the same press whined about how bad things were when unemployment was around four percent and the DOW was at 14,000 under Bush.

Read it.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Once Again Sides With Tyranny Over Democracy, This Time in Honduras

President Barack Obama says the weekend ouster of Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya was a "not legal" coup and that he remains the country's president.

However, what Obama and the liberal press are calling a "coup" is nothing of the sort.

The so-called military coup in Honduras was a successful effort by Honduran patriots to preserve their constitutional system of government from an international alliance of communists and socialists backed by Iran. Not surprisingly, America's President has come down on the anti-American side.

Zelaya, in office since 2006, was removed on Sunday after he angered the judiciary, Congress and the army by seeking constitutional changes that would allow presidents to seek re-election beyond a four-year term.

The Honduran Congress named an interim president, Roberto Micheletti, and the country's Supreme Court said it had ordered the army to remove Zelaya.

Constitutions by their very nature are hard to change. That's the point of a constitutional Democracy.

Zelaya acted as if he were above the law, there is no doubt. While Honduran law allows for a constitutional rewrite, the power to open that door does not lie with the president. A constituent assembly can only be called through a national referendum approved by its Congress.

Zelaya declared the vote on his own and had Hugo Chávez ship him the necessary ballots from Venezuela. The Supreme Court ruled his referendum unconstitutional, and it instructed the military not to carry out the logistics of the vote as it normally would do.

In this case, as with the case of the Iranian protectors, President Obama has sided with tyrants against the democratic process.

If all of this is news to you, consider yourself a victim of the Obama-infatuated media.


Wikipedia Helps New York Times Cover Up Reporter's Capture

The New York Times was able to keep 40 news organizations from reporting on the capture of their own David Rohde.

Did you know the New York Times was able to keep Wikipedia from reporting it?

Did you know the New York Times also used Rohde's Wikipedia page to try to win favor with the Taliban?

Just three days after Rohde was captured, a user edited his Wikipedia page to reflect his capture, but that edit was quickly deleted, and with the help of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, news of Rohde’s capture was kept off the page until his release. Along with covering up his capture, the Times also edited his page to portray him in a positive light toward the Taliban.


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Wire: Obama EPA Blocks Own Report Questioning Climate Change

Some are raising questions about why the EPA apparently dismissed its own analyst's report questioning the science behind global warming:
A top Republican senator has ordered an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency's alleged suppression of a report that questioned the science behind global warming.

The 98-page report, co-authored by EPA analyst Alan Carlin, pushed back on the prospect of regulating gases like carbon dioxide as a way to reduce global warming. Carlin's report argued that the information the EPA was using was out of date, and that even as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have increased, global temperatures have declined.

"He came out with the truth. They don't want the truth at the EPA," Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla, a global warming skeptic, told FOX News, saying he's ordered an investigation. "We're going to expose it."
Read it.

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The greatest waste of talent in all this, however, is that of Mr Obama himself. Congress offers change without change – a green economy built on cheap coal and petrol; a healthcare transformation that asks nobody to pay more taxes or behave any differently – because that is what voters want. Is it too much to ask that Mr Obama should tell voters the truth? I think he could do it. He has everything it takes to be a strong president. He is choosing to be a weak one.
Read it.

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Cap and Traitors: Blame These Boys and Girls

Key votes on the House climate change bill, from The Hill:

Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa). House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) negotiated many changes to the measure, noting that his panel members were behind him. But when Peterson backed the bill, others remained skeptical. Twelve of the 27 Agriculture Committee Democrats rejected the bill. But Boswell, who is regularly targeted by Republicans, needed to be convinced and Pelosi closed the deal.

Lacy Clay (D-Mo.). Clay was one of many members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) who was worried about the effect the legislation would have utility bills for his constituents. Clay backed the measure and the only CBC member who voted no was Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.), who has launched a gubernatorial bid.

Henry Cuellar (D-Texas). Obama tried, and failed to convince Cuellar. On Thursday, Pelosi approached Cuellar on the House floor as he was telling a colleague about how he was going to reject the bill. The Speaker tapped him on the shoulder.

“Henry,” she interrupted. “Can I talk to you about your vote?”

Cuellar, who sits on the Agriculture Committee, later said he was still leaning no. He waited late in the roll call on Friday evening to register his position, voting yes.

Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas). Doggett had called the legislation crafted by Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) “weak” on the House floor, adding he could not support it. He later changed his mind in a huge blow to GOP hopes of taking down the bill.

Alan Grayson (D-Fla.).
Grayson may be a freshman, but he knows how to horse trade like a veteran legislator. For his yes vote, Grayson secured a $50 million hurricane research center in his district.

Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio).
The Ohio lawmaker is not shy about blasting House Democratic leaders on various issues and bucking them on the floor. Like Doggett, she went to the House floor to complain about the climate bill, but subsequently voted for it.

Frank Kratovil (D-Md.).
The freshman lawmaker was seen on the House floor on Thursday shaking his head no on as Pelosi buttonholed him. Kratovil, one of the most vulnerable Democrats, voted yes on Friday. He likely was leaned on by fellow Maryland Democrats, Reps. Steny Hoyer and Chris Van Hollen, who are Pelosi’s deputies in leadership.

David Scott (D-Ga.).
Scott, an Agriculture Committee member, was on the fence earlier this week, but was persuaded to support the measure.

Heath Shuler (D-N.C.).
The former Redskins quarterback seems to enjoy being a maverick, publicly ripping Democrats on immigration reform and other matters. Shuler fell in line on this vote.

Peterson (D-Minn.). His criticism of the climate change bill attracted many headlines. Yet, his support was vital.

Scott Murphy (D-N.Y.). Murphy, who won a tight election this year to replace now Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), waited late in the roll call to support the legislation. His vote was immediate criticized by the National Republican Congressional Committee, which will be aiming to win the seat next year.

GOP centrists. If every Republican had rejected the bill, Democrats likely still would have had the votes to pass it. Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.), for example, has known Pelosi for decades and waited late in the vote to register his no vote. If it had made a difference, Stark – a key player on healthcare reform – would have likely voted yes. In 2007, Stark voted “present” on a war supplemental bill that he opposed in order to ease the passage of that spending measure. There were other Democratic no votes who would have helped Pelosi out in a pinch. But the eight “yes” votes from Republicans made it easier on the Democrats.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama Regulation Czar Blocked Over Support of Animals' Right to Sue Humans

Yeap, Martha, truth is stranger than fiction in the era of Obama.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) has blocked President Obama’s candidate for regulation czar, Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, because Sunstein has argued that animals should have the right to sue humans in court, The Hill newspaper reported Sunday evening.

Obama has picked Sunstein, his adviser and longtime friend, to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, an office that has power to review and assess all draft regulations proposed within the administration.

But Chambliss worries that Sunstein’s innovative legal views may someday lead to a farmer having to defend himself in court against a lawsuit filed on behalf of his chickens or pigs.

Chambliss told The Hill that he has blocked Sunstein’s nomination because the law professor “has said that animals ought to have the right to sue folks.”

Indeed, in his 2004 book, Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions, Sunstein wrote: “I will suggest that animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives, to prevent violations of current law.”

Nope, I'm not making it up: read it.

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Cap and Trade Fallout: Vulnerable House Democrats

Time to adopt a slow child:

Zach Space - OH-18

Heath Shuler NC-11

Patrick Murphy PA-8

Frank Kratovil MD-1

Baron Hill IN-9

Bart Gordon TN-6

Gabrielle Giffords AZ-8

Jim Cooper TN-5

Allen Boyd FL-2

Leonard Boswell IA-3

Melissa Bean IL-8

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States Try to Resist Federal Tyranny of Obamacare With Opt-Out Law

States want to head off the fed with powers granted by the Constitution. The problem is Obama and Congressional Democrats simply ignore the Constitution.

Read it.

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