Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dems Trash 12,000 US Flags After Convention; GOP Saves Them From Garbage Pile

In a story that appeared on The Drudge Report, the Denver Post notes that on Saturday morning a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Republicans will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.
Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.
The Democrats responded saying the Republicans took "bundles" of leftover flags. However, if you visit the link below you'll see what the Dems are calling bundles are actually cheap black plastic garbage bags full of flags.

And who doesn't want their patriotism questioned?

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